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Stone, Tile, & Grout Cleaning In Evansville, IN

There is an astonishing difference between conventional stone, tile, and grout cleaning compared to a professional cleaning by Upright Cleaning and Restoration. Traditional cleaning methods, such as mopping and wipe cleaning, fail to clean the grout lines. Standard cleaning of tiled surfaces often discolors grout lines. Grout is a porous material, which tends to absorb dust, grime, dirt, spills, and even discolored cleaners. The accumulation of this material contributes to the soiling / discoloration of grout over time.

Upright Cleaning and restoration uses high-pressure steam cleaning equipment that enables us to blast then extract foreign matter from tile and grout. A non-abrasive cleaning method prevents driving contaminating matter further into the tile / grout. The end result of a steam blast and extraction is a pristinely clean surface with much cleaner grout lines.

Though it can be arduous work, tile and grout cleaning is remarkably rewarding for us. The contrast between the before and after, displays a remarkable improvement. Most stone, tile, and grout cleaning jobs take less than an hour. We can perform interior and exterior work.

Tile & Grout Cleaners and Sealant

Once the tile and grout has been cleaned, we recommend the application of sealant to maintain the clean appearance. Our techs will evaluate the surface to determine the best cleaner and sealants to be applied. Alkaline cleaner is usually best suited for eating environments exposed to greases. Shower tiles and grout tend to develop a haze, accumulate hard waters, and soaps. Acidic cleaner is typically the most effective at cleaning bathrooms and showers. Exotic and decorative stones may require special chemicals and cleaning methods.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to sealing stone, tile, and grout. Properly applying sealant usually requires two to four hours, but is well worth the extra cost and effort. Sealant helps to protect against most stains, maintains the natural looks, and makes cleaning much easier.

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