Water Restoration

Water Restoration

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Water Restoration & Water Damage Mitigation In Evansville, IN

Time is of the essence when confronted with unexpected water damage and/or water intrusion. Rapid mitigation will minimize the amount of damage that can occur and reduce the likelihood of widespread mold outbreaks. Typically, it is better to replace carpeting if the carpeting is old, exposed to “black water,” exposed to water more than 3 days, or exposed to hot water (from a water heater.)

You can rely on Upright Cleaning and Restoration to immediately come to your aid should you need our services below:

  • Inspection and assessment of your loss / damage – We will work with your claim adjuster to get his/her agreement on the loss valuation and define the scope of restoration services the insurance carrier will pay for. Upright Cleaning & Restoration utilizes the same industry resources as the insurance adjusters to determine the value of carpet/floor covering, non-restorable contents, and structural damage.
  • Arrangement for specific repair (plumbing, roofing, painting, carpentry, cabinetry etc.)
  • Extract excess water
  • Remove debris
  • Apply an anti-microbial treatment (if necessary)
  • Dry the room(s) with air movement equipment and/or dehumidifying equipment
  • Monitor moisture levels
  • Arrange for professional dry cleaning or otherwise specialized cleaning of items (if necessary)
  • Clean and deodorize walls, ceiling, and floors.
  • Remove contents for cleaning and/or drying then store contents until the repairs are completed.

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