BEWARE of the dreaded door knocking roofing scams.

There are several tactics implored by traveling roofing salesmen, storm chasers and door knockers used to take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners and secure roofing construction contracts without the customers being fully aware of what’s happening. Today we are going to discuss the two most common: “Free Inspection” and “Manufactured Damage”.

Free Inspection:

“Free” always sounds good, right? What could it hurt? Free inspection for a free roof, why not!?! Well we all know that “free” rarely comes without a cost and things aren’t always what they seem.

Typically a free inspection will include the customer signing an authorization form allowing them to “get on your roof”. The salesman will ask for an authorization form to be signed allowing them to start the inspection. Unfortunately, many times you are actually signing a contract which also allows them to meet the adjuster out on at your property on your behalf. At this point the salesman will indicate the presence of damage (Real or not) and pressure you into calling the insurance company to get the adjuster sent out for an inspection. What most homeowners do not realize is that this will cause a claim on their record which may not have been needed.

Manufacturing damage:

Too often, many of these canvassing companies will not let an opportunity pass them by. At that point they have talked the customer into signing paperwork and have gained access to the roof, they have been known to cause or ”manufacture” damage resembling natural causes in an attempt to justify getting the roof replaced by the insurance company.

HAAG Engineering actually has a chapter called the ball ping hammer test. This chapter is to educate claim adjusters on how to identify roof damage intentionally manufactured by means other than natural occurring. This can lead to a tremendous issue for the homeowner, they are often left with a denied claim and a damaged roof they are responsible for.

It’s always a good idea to have multiple companies inspect your roof prior to contacting your insurance company. Upright Construction will never “knock on your door” unless we are invited. We will also never ask you to sign an authorization form. We WILL happily provide you with a free inspection and work with your insurance company to determine coverage and give you all of your options.

Never sign anything till you are sure you are ready to hire your contractor.

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