Realtor Construction, Remodeling, and Inspection Fix services for Evansville, Newburgh, Henderson, Bloomington, and surrounding areas.

Our goal at Upright Construction is to be the realtor’s best friend!

We offer a variety of services designed to take the pain out of the inspection repair list for you and your clients. We are fully committed to doing whatever it takes to help you get the deal done. Our Home Inspection Repair Service will make this easy. We understand the inspector’s repair list negotiation is an integral step in the sales process. As such, we GUARANTEE your client a comprehensive repair estimate within 24 hours to keep the deal on track. We can also help Remodel Investment Properties to maximize your profits with a little work BEFORE the sale.

Realtor Services

We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured General Contractor with a team of licensed professionals. They can also cause major anxiety and kill deals. Save your clients the time and headache of multiple contractors, appointments, and payments. We are more than happy to meet your client or buyer on-site and walk through an inspection list to fully explain the items and give our professional recommendations. Let us fix it all for one low price!

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When it comes to investment properties, it is crucial to work with a construction company that is licensed and experienced. Having a valid license not only ensures that the company operates within legal boundaries but also signifies their commitment to quality workmanship and adherence to industry standards.

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Inspection list repairs can get expensive. We offer your clients a variety of payment options to best fit their situation.

We offer a limited lifetime warranty on all of our workmanship, but our warranties are transferable to new homeowners.

See What Others Say About Our Work

“I have used upright for a lot of real estate repairs over the years. Stoney and his crew do a good job. When something is not done right, Stoney and Larry will work to correct it. Also, extremely quick to get a job done.”
“Stoney and his guys did a fantastic job! They were always quick to respond, showed real professionalism, and did real quality work!”
“Upright Construction is a tremendous service for my clients buying or selling real estate. They are thorough and quick to respond when items are requested for repair on a tight deadline. Upright does a great job explaining the details of the job and they are easy to reach if I ever have questions regarding specific items. I’ll continue to work with Upright, as they continuously work to allow for my clients’ transactions to run smooth.”
“I’m a local Realtor who has hired Upright Construction numerous times to complete home inspection repairs for my clients, as well as my personal investment properties. Stoney & Larry at Upright have always been dependable, very responsive and are always there when I need their professional services! They make the process simple and are thorough! Even better, they honor their quotes! I’ve never had them charge a dime more than they original quoted, even if that means they may lose money out of their own pocket. These guys are the real deal!”
“Upright Construction is a huge asset to my real estate clients. We’ve worked through numerous issues for buyers and sellers over the years and folks are always satisfied with the price, workmanship, problem-solving knowledge, and prompt attention.”

Looking to get started? Our friendly and professional staff are ready to get to work on your next project.

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