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Our crawl space technicians keep your crawl space safe and clean.

The crawl space is a shallow area under the home built instead of the traditional basement to create a foundation between the ground and the bottom of the home. Being shallow and thus far from comfortable to visit, crawl spaces tend to be the most neglected part of homes. What’s more, some homeowners do not even realize they should care about crawl space cleaning, as they do not also consider crawl spaces parts of their homes! Crawl spaces are concealed from your view, but they determine the quality of air in your home by 30% and have a direct impact on home preservation and energy efficiency. This is why regular crawl space inspection and professional crawl space cleaning are vital to preserving your home and your health.

Our crawl space cleaners operate in Evansville, Newburgh, Henderson, Bloomington, and surrounding areas and perform a wide range of services providing a complex solution that you need to keep your crawl space safe and clean. In particular, we remove debris and rotting materials, substitute damaged insulation and vapor barriers, insulate air duct lines, encapsulate the crawl space, do crawl space repairs, perform mold removal and remediation, solve water and high humidity problems, address and prevent further rodents infestation, and sanitize and deodorize to avoid bad smells.

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