Get the Carpet Cleaning Value You Are Paying For

It is not uncommon for carpet cleaning companies to sell you steam cleaning, but provide an inferior service. Similar to the recently unearthed scandal involving millions of not-so-green diesel engines, consumers are susceptible to chicanery and misrepresentation from carpet cleaning companies as well. To Get the Carpet Cleaning Value You Are Paying For, stay informed.

Not all steam carpet cleaning is the same.

It is not safe to assume that all carpet cleaning services will perform the same job. Not all carpet cleaning equipment is created equally, not all services possess the same capabilities, and cleaning methodology varies between companies. When choosing a professional to clean your carpet, find out what they are putting in your carpet and how hot their water actually gets. Generally speaking, hotter water is better.

Hot water extraction = less residual chemicals in your carpet.

Industry professionals and carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction for cleaning. Utilizing hot water extraction, in a non-abrasive method, requires less chemicals and has the lowest likelihood of damaging your property. According to the EPA, indoor environments are two to five times more toxic than our outdoor environment. The water temperature needs to be at least 212 degrees and above to kill microorganisms while cleaning. Using a hot water extraction method leaves less residual chemicals in your carpet. Lingering chemicals and/or shampoos in your carpet may pose health issues and can cause your carpet to soil faster.

We Are Pet And Kid Friendly.

At Upright Cleaning & Restoration we use pet and kid friendly solutions. Our water gets as hot as 240 degrees and our hot water extraction method is unsurpassed in our industry. We believe in providing the best service available to our clients. Furthermore, we endeavor to inform consumers, better enabling them to get the value they are paying for.

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