Scotchguard Protectant for carpet, sofas, and upholstered furniture.

Upright Cleaning Offers Scotchguard Protection Services

Clients frequently ask us about this product and we can’t recommend it enough. Scotchguard, a 3M product, is the most recognized brand of protectant for carpet, sofas, and upholstered furniture. The proper application of Scotchguard should not change the look or feel of carpets and rugs, while serving as a highly effective stain and durable water repellent. The main benefits of it use are listed below:

Protection / Prevention

  • Scotchguard repels both water-based and oil-based spills.
  • Scotchguard resists soiling and staining of the coated fibers.

Easier Maintenance / Clean-Up

  • If treated with Scotchguard, soot and stains tend to release more easily when cleaned, since the contaminants have more difficulty bonding to the fibers. Additionally, spills tend to blot up before the set as stains.

In 2003, 3M reformulated Scotchguard to be more environmentally friendly. It is unlikely that carpet cleaning companies recognize the impact of the reformulation on the product’s shelf life. The old product, using PFOS, had a shelf-life of 5.4 years. The new product, using PFBS, has a shelf life of a little over one month. It not uncommon for cleaning companies to do bulk orders on chemicals, then warehouse them, with less than ideal storage methods. The efficacy and potency of this product may be reduced for the consumer.

Upright Cleaning & Restoration trains it technicians on the correct storage, use, and application of Scotchguard products. We recommend the use of Scotchguard with carpet and upholstery cleanings every six months. Call to Make An Appointment Today!


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