Locally Owned Cleaning Company A Smarter Choice For Evansville Community And Value

More Personalized Service

Working with locally Evansville owned businesses demonstrates that you care about your community, along with the businesses and people that comprise it. We continually strive to be better than our large, corporate, franchised, competitors. We recognize that our customers have good options for the services we provide. Consequently, we endeavor to be the best option for our customers each day. Our goal is to adopt the best practices of the larger counterparts, while providing a superior and more personalized service to you.

In the cleaning and restoration industry, large corporations are neither villains nor automatically made more capable or competent. Smaller community-based companies tend to be more agile and consumer oriented. For example, our carpet cleaning company is not restricted in how we can do good work. We enjoy an autonomy that our corporate counterparts don’t. We can spend as much time as necessary at each job. As the pace of technological advancement accelerates, we can purchase better equipment and products long before cumbersome rivals can adapt them. With the advantages of scale for the large companies come bureaucracy and other dissociations from the customer. While it’s more profitable to provide a remote call center, I doubt it will yield positive customer service. Customer satisfaction is our primary concern.

Money Stays In The Community

Each dollar you spend at independent businesses is likely to return 3 times more money to your local economy than one spent at a chain. When you shop at local small businesses, tax money is staying in your town. Additionally, with each small local business comes an opportunity for growth and advancement for a bigger business. Think about corporations like Nike or Ben and Jerry’s, they each started with one locally owned store which eventually turned into a bigger economic development. Small businesses that grow into large businesses often remain in the community in which the business was first established. (smallbusiness.chron.com).

Local business owners live and invest in their community. This makes them less likely to leave and more likely to be invested in how their business decisions affect the community. Small, locally-owned businesses provide the largest share of net new jobs generated each year and also provide the most stable employment opportunities in a community. Locally owned businesses tend to do business with other locally owned businesses. They bank with local banks, advertise in local newspapers and purchase local services such as accounting and printing. Each time a dollar is re-spent in the local economy, it’s like new income – creating a “multiplier effect”.

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