Upright Cleaning & Restoration Working After Hours in Evansville Indiana

Here at Upright Cleaning & Restoration we strive to accommodate business with their needs. We work around their schedule and whats best for them and their customers. Cleaning carpets in your business is important for many reason and having a locally owned business to clean your property has other advantages in itself.

Some of the benefits for having your carpets cleaned some are very obvious and others are not. Some of the obvious reasons are what are your customers first impressions? Is your building clean and organized or is it messing and dirty. I tend to stray away from places that I feel that are dirty and unorganized or cluttered feeling. I feel if they don’t have the pride to keep their business clean what kind of product can they really produce. I as a customer want to feel welcomed and at ease when I first come in a business. One of the first things that keep my mind at ease is if your place is clean. Now some of the not so much obvious reasons are your employees. Studies have shown that properly cleaned carpet helps reduce symptoms and is the best flooring choice for those dealing with asthma and allergies. With you and your employees being inside your business hours at a time helping improve this keeps your employees healthy while in your business. Which also helps keep moral and productivity up.

Here are a few Pictures of a local business in the ti-state area that we cleaned afterhours on a Sunday. If you look to the left of the pictures you can see the big difference in the carpet and the dirt that we where able to extract. This made such a big difference and we where very excited that they allowed us and trusted us to be able to provide services for them

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