Identifying and Fixing Mold in your Crawlspace

Normally, indoor mold is not problematic until mold spores begin growing in moisture-rich environments. Throughout the Midwestern United States, crawlspaces tend to provide the ideal conditions and environment for mold to proliferate. This mold can then spread to other home areas via spores, eventually becoming visible.  The following are the most common causes of mold in a crawlspace:

  • Faulty or missing Vapor Barrier
  • Improper, faulty, missing, or insufficient drainage
  • Missing or malfunctioning sump pump

If you discover mold in your crawlspace, make certain to contact a professional contractor that specializes in mold remediation. The wrong approach can do more harm than good. Ideally, the accredited professional should remove the mold and provide a remedy to the main cause(s.) After all, getting rid of the mold is pointless, without properly addressing the cause(s.)

Truly removing the mold is an involved and laborious process as well. Spraying some chemicals and doing nothing else will not, “fix” a mold problem. The mold remediation professional should be willing to undergo third party air quality testing to ensure that the air is safe.

Professionals at Upright Cleaning and Restoration have undergone extensive training to properly advise and remediate customers on mold issues. We will work with you to do the best job possible.

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